Her pain and mental health problems moulded Elizmi into who she is today, a strong, beautiful, and charismatic performer with one true wish, to empower and inspire other young women to follow their heart and desire in the pursuit of a life ambition.  Even if they say your ugly, fat and can't do it, exactly as she did. 

She has won accolades and awards for her songwriting and performances. "Magical" released in January 2019 for instance, from Artemis “Women In Action” Film awards in Los Angeles, USA, where she attended the Red carpet event for clinching a place in their Top ten for musical compositions for Music or featured in film.

Many of her tracks have been showcased on the world-famous ‘BBC's Introducing’ and ‘BBC1 Xtra Radio’ stations all over the UK, which has provided Elizmi's music with the platform it needed to make her personal mark in this competitive music industry. This breakthrough in the scene led to regular bookings and Touring in the UK, both in London, the South East, Manchester, Birmingham, and Southampton in 2019/2020, while her tracks continue to win valuable air time increasing her fanbase both at home and internationally.

Today, with a recently lifted covid restrictions, Elizmi will build on the ever-growing momentum that is following this energetic and exciting 24-year-old female artist. 

Excitement and anticipation are already growing for more mind-blowing “Elizmi Haze music” in 2022 and beyond.

Elizmi is now on a mission to escalate her true passion as a performer, creating and producing heartfelt melodies for all to enjoy, escape connect, and forget tough times, such as her new release 'Come Through ' a  great summer vibe track made in lockdown, which is turning out to be a hit as she has now had two plays on BBC introducing and numerous blog interviews and placements about the track. 

She is fuelled and ‘driven by a vision’ of claiming her own personal mark behind the mic on the competitive world stage.

elizmi singer songwriter from Kent for h

A 24yo music artist born in Kent, England.

​Spending many years growing up in mainland Spain, she developed an early love for music derived from the local colourful Spanish culture and music. Her natural gift of entertaining large crowds won her support and love, with the locals enjoying and complimenting her on the unique music vocal style she has.

Moving Back to England when only 13, she suffered terribly at the hands of bullies, having been the outcast growing up in Spain it had made her think the UK would be more accepting. Unfortunately it was  not!

Branded the weirdo, she began writing her songs.

Now her music is filled with tones of lust and daring sounds combined with passionate lyrics and striking musical chords. With many factors of her music influenced by life experiences, good and bad her powerful raps and melodic tones, perfectly blended with a catchy hook, always leaves her audience connecting with her story and sassy out look, leaving them wanting more. 

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Elizmi, is a mental health advocate and does a lot of work for charities associated with mental health and cancer.                 



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