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New music out on 4/11/22

Yep, At long last, I am dropping my first track this year.

I have been doing a lot, although I did not put any other tracks out.

Mostly procrastinating; my mental health has been up and down of late. The summer was the worst for me, although I love the sun and normally the summer is a brease for me, This year has been a bit dark.

My track is all about that state of mind ‘Waste no time’ has a profound meaning.

It is a common theme in my life to constantly feel like i'm is not doing good enough and not fulfilling the time given tome in this life to succeed.

However, with a sane mind, we all realise the pressures from society to be perfect are very much instilled in us from a very young age. Growing up in the world of social media causes pressure and can blind you to your worth sometimes.

This song is based on those deep dark thoughts you get when you’re stuck in that hole of self-pity, wishing that life was more congenial.

” What is crazy to me, and I’m sure many others also, is that once we snap out of that mindset and remind ourselves of how well we are doing, none of it really matters, but the pressures are genuine, and we should never discredit our mental health, we all have these days and this song is a tribute to those demons”.

Also, we must all cherish our flaws and dark days because perfection will never exist, but our motivation and determination to succeed will always shine brighter.

The beauty of our demons can sometimes be blurred by the overwhelming feeling of trying to achieve perfection, but we do not realise that we are learning to be stronger and love ourselves more and more every time we get through these hurdles. This song is a thank you to my demons.

Elizmi x


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