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Soul weekender from Legacy Entertainment
Christmas party elizmi from kent
Legacy Entertainment Motown Soul evening

Motown, Soul, and Disco

The music of the '60s,'70s and '80s which include all the amazing Motown, Soul and Disco greats would be in this package, but don't forget you can choose your music, the packages are a guideline for you, but only if you want.The Disco music is incorporated with the soul music of the '70s but, You can choose all or just one genre, you have a lot of choice. We have done many of these types of gigs. And found that mostly people want the classics and cheese from this genre, Saturday night Fever, AbbA, Rick Ashly, with ‘Ring my Bell, and other great dance tracks will make a night talked about for years.

Call us we are experts in making your event brilliant. 

Big Band Sounds, World War II

Pontins Rock and Roll Weekender-1980. Legacy Dj
Rockabilly Dancing 1980’s legacy  Dj

Rock and Roll

Our packages are tailored to our customers needs.

Our rock and Roll package includes Rockabilly, Psychabilly, and skiffle. 

The music of the '50s and ‘60s with all the Artists who have given us astonishing leaps in music, allowing us to have the amazing and vibrant music of today.

 You can choose all or just one genre, the choice is yours and we will cater to your needs and wants.

Call us we are experts in making your event brilliant. 


Ska weekend with legacy dj
Ska Night legacy dj

is one of our very popular packages. Our Ska packages includes ROCK STEADY, BLUE BEAT, TWO-TONE, LOVERS ROCK, PUNK, OI,  REGGAE AND DUB, and of course NORTHERN SOUL.

As a rule, for a general Ska gig we include the music of the '70s and '80s that fit the genre, which include two tone, punk and all the amazing tracks that you know and love. We will cater for your needs and wants, discussions on playlists and tracks are very welcome, and if you want just Northern Soul for instance, we can make that happen too .

Call us we are experts in making your event brilliant. 

lindyhop legacy entertainment
 legacy entertainment

The Big Band Sounds and music from the ‘40s. What an awesome affair, a great evening for the enthusiast and World War II Roll play.

Music from these eras is very much entwined but if you want just one type of sound thence can do that, you can choose the music you want to listen to, jazz, classic 40s radio hits, scat or big bands the choice is yours. If there are certain songs you want to be included we can discuss this when you contact us. We will endever to include everything you wish.

Let the blue birds fly over your World War II celebrations. 

Call us we are experts in making your event brilliant. 

Paddock wood, Kent World War II legacy entertainment

Gam Rock

Country and Western, The naughty '90s

Glam rock party 2023 legacy Entertainment
legacy entertainment rave party

Country and Western needs no introduction, we take our tracks from many decades giving you the best in country and Western from the ‘50s to modern day. Glam Rock, we include the greats from the 70s like David Bowie, T rex, and  Slade with the ‘80s stars such as Adam Ant and Boy George giving you a whole evening of Glitter and Glam. ‘80s are very popular atm, How about a Club Tropicana themed night?

The music from the 90s, Rave, Garage, and all EDM, the choice is yours. 

Call us we are experts in music and making your event brilliant. You tell us what you would like and we will tell you the type of music you need.

Gold Ornament Pattern
Rave, edm and garage legacy entertainment

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