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Legacy Entertainment

Legacy is the concept of Elizmi and Carey Hayes. A mother-and-daughter business partnership that expands 60 years of music. Together they are legacy Entertainment.

Legacy logo . Dj for hire

This dynamic partnership combines Elizmi's expertise and working experience in today's music scene with Carey's lifetime knowledge of 8 decades of love, appreciation and DJ experience of many different genres of music, from The Big Band sounds of the '30s and '40s to the '80s and beyond. 

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If you are looking for a special themed event, we are the DJs to come to.

We specialise in reenactments, specific eras and weekenders. From the Big Band sounds of the '30s and '40s to Rock and Roll, including rockabilly and popular radio music of the '50s and '60s. From the Glam Rock era to the naughty '90s and all that is in between.

We aim to give you the experience of a lifetime, with lights, a DJ booth, and we also have smoke and bubble machines if you wish them. 

We also love to get stuck in and join the fun by dressing accordingly, Especially apt for weekenders and  reenactments.

All The Speciality Gigs for You
to Choose.


'40s music from Legacy Dj

Classic '60sSoul and Motown

Motown and Soul music from Legacy entertainment

Disco and popof the'70s 80's

Glam rock from legacy dj

World War2 Era

The ‘40s World war II by legacy music

Classic '70sand punk rock

Punk and the 70s music from Legacy Dj

Naughty '90sNinties

Naughty 90s are great Legacy dj

Rock and RollRockabilly

Rock and Roll by legacy Dj

Glam Rock,'70s 80's

Glam rock nights from Legacy Dj

Country andwestern

country western music by Legacy

SKA,and Reggae

ska-soul-two-tone-tassel-loaferSka music from Legacy Dj

Rock Steadyand two tone

Legacy Dj, ska music and reggee


Northern soul DJ legacy dj

Choose your decade, era or genre. Mix them up.

Tell us what you need, and we can help you manage your event to make it the best and most accurate as possible. 


Find out more and your price by going to the enter here link.

call us

0745 3553659

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