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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

 Elizmi is becoming a well-rounded songwriter and artist, with many peer nominations and support.

Winning awards for her songwriting has given Elizmi the confidence to start her own songwriting business, now with several artists and music companies she regularly writes for

Since covid, Elizmi has started gigging all over the UK again, playing some great venues and helping expand her fan base and collaborations. 

Several genres influence her, and as she loves mixing and experimenting with different sounds, this gives her tracks a unique sound while staying in the contemporary popular music of the moment. But of course, her true love is R&B, so that you will find a certain amount of influence in her writing. Her fans have been looking forward to some new music, and they are surely surprised by this new one and the fact that she has now dropped her first album with all her old tracks. 

Gigging is a love that gives her inspiration and of course, helps to fund her projects. Never stopping to rest, she is working on her latest project, which is dropping on the 31st of March.



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PHONE: 0044 7453553659

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Brew Music Friday

Wow, your voice is absolutely magical! It grabbed my attention from the first second and I couldn’t stop listening. This song is really beautiful, and I’m so thankful you submitted this! Thank you and I can’t wait to hear more by you!

 Blackett Music 2021

A Different and Dynamic voice with a fantastic range. Elizmi is a recording artist, award-winning songwriter and model who is creating a style of her own.

Music Notez

"Elizmi Haze is a talented recording artist, songwriter and rising star that hailed from the United Kingdom.-Her track Magical is stupendous. 


Elizmi puts much passion into her music; she uses what has happened to her, having had a very eventful life so far.

"I was called a weirdo, I grew up in Spain, and when I came to England when I was 13, I thought it would be brilliant. I was pretty much bullied at school and college. I thought it would be better once I got out of "school", but I was wrong."

Bullying is a big issue, and with social media, it has gotten worse. 

Hoxton Camden, London                                   The Escape bar Camden, London  

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