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Press Release

  Born 5th Feb 1998 In Kent England

Grew up in 

Murcia España

Now back in the UK

"Elizmi Haze is a talented recording artist, songwriter and rising star who hailed from the United Kingdom.-

Music Notez

Elizmi Haze singer songwriter and Dj ad for glow night
BBC plays for Elizmi Haze singer songwriter in Kent
Brew Music Friday

Wow, your voice is absolutely magical! It grabbed my attention from the first second and I couldn’t stop listening. This song is really beautiful and I’m so thankful you submitted this! Thank you and I can’t wait to hear more by you!.
press release

Elizmi has evolved into a versatile songwriter and performer, earning numerous peer nominations and support along the way. Her accolades include winning the prestigious ISSA Gold International Female Songwriter of the Year award for 2021/22, a testament to her songwriting prowess.


This recognition has fueled Elizmi's confidence, inspiring her to carry on with her collaborative songwriting ventures with artists and labels globally. Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 closures, she has dedicated herself to revitalising her gigging business, successfully reaching new heights this year. Additionally, Elizmi has ventured into DJing sets across the country, expanding her ever-growing fanbase.


Drawing inspiration from various genres, Elizmi delights in blending and experimenting with different sounds, crafting tracks that possess a distinctive yet contemporary appeal. As Elizmi continues to carve her path, listeners can expect a refreshing twist in her upcoming tracks, reflecting her unique artistic identity.


With a penchant for innovation, Elizmi is set to unveil projects infused with more Drum and Bass influences. Following the warm reception of her first Drum and Bass track, 'That Guy,' her audience can anticipate a captivating musical journey that showcases Elizmi's evolution and artistic versatility.

Elizmi is ON BBC 1. 2022

Elizmi infuses her music with a profound sense of passion, drawing inspiration from the myriad experiences that have shaped her notably eventful life thus far. One significant aspect of her narrative revolves around the pervasive issue of bullying, which, exacerbated by the reach of social media, lately has become even more insidious.


Having undergone the challenges of being labelled a "weirdo" after relocating from Spain to England at the age of 13, Elizmi anticipated a positive change but found herself contending with persistent bullying throughout her school and college years. Contrary to expectations, the transition from "school" did not bring the respite she had hoped for.


Elizmi emerges as a staunch advocate for mental health, leveraging her music as a powerful medium to convey messages of resilience and authenticity. Her compositions serve as a platform to encourage others to stay strong and remain true to themselves, reflecting her commitment to addressing the pressing issues surrounding mental well-being in today's society.

Having secured airplay on BBC Introducing Kent for tracks like 'Come Through' (twice), 'Waste No Time,' 'That Guy,' and the latest addition, 'Desire,' Elizmi is steadily amplifying her message. Her presence on this platform signifies a growing outreach, aiming to resonate with a broader audience.

Reflecting on a past tour through the southeast schools alongside fellow emerging independent artists, Elizmi actively engaged in discussions about bullying and its profound impact, seamlessly integrating their music into these educational sessions. The experience deeply resonated with her, as she harbored the hope of positively influencing children, imparting valuable insights to prevent them from enduring the challenges she faced during her own upbringing. Elizmi is committed to combatting bullying at any stage of life, recognizing the importance of raising awareness, especially considering that some individuals may not even be aware of their own harmful actions. Her mission is clear: fostering awareness of mental health issues to empower individuals with knowledge.


The track 'Waste No Time' serves as a poignant expression of Elizmi's engagement with mental health struggles, crafted on a particularly challenging day. It artfully captures the emotions of being lost and feeling isolated, resonating with those who may grapple with similar feelings. Through this musical endeavor, Elizmi delivers a powerful message—reminding listeners that they are not alone in their struggles.


Elizmi Haze singer for hire in Kent, Model shoot for mag
Elizmi Haze for hire in Kent, photo shoot for new release
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Elizmi Haze singer songwriter for hire  Studio Session
Elizmi Haze singer for hire in Kent Model
PR RED campaign for Wast no Time.
Elizmi sings at the UNDERBELLY Horton
Elizmi singer for hire,  rock chick photo shoot
on stage at Hoxton


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A Different and Dynamic voice with a fantastic range. Elizmi is a recording artist, award-winning songwriter and model who is creating a style of her own.

 Music Beats' 2023.

Desire" is a remarkable addition to Elizmi's discography, further showcasing her commitment to empowering independent women. In line with her previous releases like "Come Through" and "Hypnotise ya," this track exudes a captivating summer vibe that is bound to entice listeners and compel them to move to its infectious beat. 

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Contact: Elizmi's administration manager

Carey Hayes  

For contact by email:

For a telephone conversation: 0044 7453553659

For more information, please contact for more by emailing the above address.

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Copyright All rights reserved - Elizmi Haze 2017  

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