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Music Video shoot. Day one.

Well this was an amazing day, Kevin the videographer had a new camera delivered that morning, so it was a bit of mayhem to start.

Kevin was so quick at what was going on with the new camera he was able to use it on the shoot it was Brilliant!

I had three scenes to shoot in the studio that day.This was going to be epic. I had also brought along a wonderful makeup artist Belinda, whom my manager had found. She (Belinda), has actually hired me to sing a couple of songs for her friends birthday next year and that is how she was found. What a god send she was too. I am Never doing another video without a makeup artist! She was totally on point , keeping me cool and NONE sweaty or shiny throughout the shooting, I had a lot of dancing to do.

if you want to contact Belinda she is on instagram @beamua1986

I hope you will be looking forwards to another update next week.Where you will get to see some of the videos taken too.

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