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New branding

So my team have been working on my branding. I am loving the new look but "branding is not all about what your account's on social media look like you know, you say!"

and Yes of course! that is very true. I can say We have been working on my message, and my story.

We all have a story to tell, Mine is very harrowing at times. although, I am only 23 I have had a lot of things happen to me. And that is my story the reason I write my songs, the reason I have mental health problems and the reason I am me.

FACT: I have anxiety, although some of you might know this, most of you would not guess if you see me on stage.

I am hopping to get my blog out, two weeks or so now to give people and fans my story. I have been told this is gonna be very therapeutic so I am hopping me being me, will help me and get you closer to me.

Elizmi x

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