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SO EXCITED April is gonna be amazing

Hi there, we have all been effected by the lockdown and COVID19.

I can say I have had my world changed quite a bit due to Britons lockdown.

Financial defiantly, so much so I had to move back in with my parents.

But although this has been tough for me and some of you, It is nothing compared to the life lost and I may say saved, in this pandemic.

But now hopefully in the UK we are slowly going to be able to get back to some normality. I for one will be very happy as I am sure you all will be too, but we must not get too complacent. We are going to have to live with covid just like other viruses we have such as the flu.

Anyway,I am so happy that things are moving along again and I have began to get bookings for next year. People are obviously confident that gigs and large gatherings will be allowed.

I dont think this year will be full of gigs and other events as companies have lost a lot of money, and will probably will not spent too much on entertainment. That's OK we can wait can't we?

On a last note: I might do a charity gig in the summer for a local (to me), mental health charity. I will need you all to support.


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